The 2012 and 2014 Olympic brand identity's created much cultural debate. The work was met with criticism on the design blogs as well as poor general public opinion. My class thought they would like to try their hand at a redesign. Shown here are the work of Josh Goldenberg (2014 Sochi ) and Nate Steadman ( 2012 London ).


Eight in Ten was a fictitious name for a regional arts festival that took place for eight days in the month of October. Gretchen Blatt created this visually energetic brand through the use of bold colors and signature patterns.


This clever ad series was created in conjunction with a new brand for Tomhannock Bicycles by Jon Chan, an exchange student from Singapore. Utilizing the brand colors also associated with the store design, Jon carefully crafted messages that reflect Tomhannock's customer focused philosophy - thinking about the individuals personal goals for biking or plans to bike. The campaign "THIS IS NOT A BICYCLE"  is answered with: "It's a gift from you to you.",  "It's your new year's resolution come true.",  "It's the vehicle to an all-new fitter, happier you."