Historic Deerfield Village is not a Disney inspired shopping themed village. Historic Deerfield is an authentic 18th century New England street that one has to walk from one end to the other, in between farm land, gardens and barns to visit the 10 intact historic homes. Many of the houses are museums filled with period decor and artifacts, while others function as they did back in the late 1700s. Creating a sense of place for this street and clearly communicating to the public what you might find to do here was the challenge. 


Programming was customized to include hands-on workshops such as early woodworking crafts, natural fiber arts and hearth cooking. A series of banner ads placed on NPR and PBS stations were developed around the custom tours and programming that Historic Deerfield has to offer, providing the audience with a sense of place, and interest them in planning a visit.


Using an an american heritage color palette I created an identity system utilizing the metaphor of their “logo key” to “open doors to the past” and a “window pane” graphic interface to visually inspire interaction to the main attractions on the website and lead people through the village. Each color coded key is an interface to a customized historic house tour, developed for audiences ranging from the casual sunday tourist to the historian.