Howe Caverns is the largest show cave in the Northeastern US and competes with flashy amusement parks, water parks, interactive video games and the bright lights of the shopping mall. Recent perception was that of an old, declining roadside attraction from a time gone by, when people drove out to the country to see what they could see. Annual visits peaked at nearly a quarter million per year, but had been declining steadily.






The strategy called for reinterpreting Howe Caverns as “A real cool way to spend the day.” Youthful, energetic, gritty and alternating between light and dark, the visual identity conveys all the excitement, wonder and adventure of Howe Caverns, with an invitation to “go underground”. It is supported by dramatic photographs from the cavern, along with images of people engaged in the many activities available on the surface.

The entire brand was redesigned from the language, to logo and stationery set, to website and email marketing to online and television advertising. Gorilla advertising was placed in apropos locations suggesting the audience "go underground". A set of retro spelunking graphics were developed for the brand to aid navigation, literally and figuratively. 



Howe-Caverns-Education-E-Blast.jpgTrade Show materials double as interpretive panels for on and off-site marketing and education.