Bellevue Maternity Home was founded in 1931 by Mary Grace Jorgensen, a 28-year-old registered nurse and mother, along with her husband, Elmer. In 1942 Bellevue moved to its current location, known as “The Mansion”, at the former summer home of inventor C.W. Stone in Niskayuna, NY.

In 2001 Bellevue Woman’s Hospital was converted from being privately owned by the Jorgensen family to a not-for-profit corporation. In 2012 due to structural problems and the need for modernization the “mansion” was torn down and a new Bellevue was built in its place.

To commemorate what came before and celebrate what is to come, I designed this history wall which charted the inception of Bellevue Maternity Home to Bellevue Women’s Hospital through its current day expansion as Bellevue Women's Center. 

Working with the local newspapers, and family and friends of the Jorgensen’s, we were able to uncover early photos and drawings of the original locations, images of Dr. Grace Jorgensen, staff and various ephemera, including a bill for a 14-day stay costing $6.00. A window and section of the grand staircase was preserved from the Georgian-style manor and incorporated onto the wall.

The color palette was chosen to work with Bellevue's brand and interior design standards. Due to the installation's space constriction, I designed a two-tiered timeline with the dates on the center axis. Color keying the top and bottom sections kept the date order and time-span preserved.

Today, Bellevue continues to stand as a symbol of dedication to women's health needs, and this history wall is a tribute to the enduring spirit of its founder M. Grace Jorgensen.